Very true. The wealthiest guy I know personally (15k square foot waterfront house and everything to go along with it) drives a beat-up Dodge Ram from like '96. He's a Bad A** » 3/25/14 12:14pm 3/25/14 12:14pm

F-Type, The Best Looking New Car?

The question: is the Jaguar F-Type the best looking new car for 2013? I work at a Jaguar and Land Rover Dealership; so my opinion is ultimately biased. The answer, if you ask me, is YES. » 1/23/14 1:56pm 1/23/14 1:56pm

I moved to DC from a tiny town in Southern VA (Mathews). I remember getting my first parking ticket and saying "my taxes pay for the street, now I gotta pay to park on it." Great story. Are you going to do a full write up on the Accord? » 12/16/13 3:03pm 12/16/13 3:03pm